Receiving and consolidating purchases and products service

Our service of receiving and consolidating purchases and products allows you to save a lot on freight, since we put all your purchases in a super reduced number of boxes, depending on the quantity and size of the items. This provides a much lower freight price. We can also repackage your items in bubble wrap, in addition to remove labels, remove packaging and test, at the time of despatch you can request any of these additional without problems.

BUY FOR ME service

It may be that the reason is not having an international credit card, or are afraid to buy from an American online store while away. No problem. For you to have total peace of mind, we make the purchase online for you. Just after creating your account with us, in your panel you will find the menu BUY FOR ME, where you inform us the item you want and we confirm availability and values, you make the payment and we buy. Once you arrive at our warehouse you will be notified, you can make more purchases or make the order, as you prefer. Great huh?